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What would you do if the lights went out?

Hunt for candles and matches, look for that torch with flat batteries?
Sit back and relax as your downlight's automatically switch on to provide you with bright, luminescent light.
“What, how does that happen?”
We provide a unique, self-charging LED downlight that once installed, you never need to be concerned again with the maintenance thereof.
“What do you mean, never be concerned again?”
Each light is self-powered with a rechargeable battery that gives you up to 3 hours of battery powered light. When the electricity is restored, the LED downlight automatically recharges itself and is prepped and ready for the next time required.


“Sounds awesome, but how do I install it?”
Installation is simple and easy, as seen in our video below. You can install them as a brand-new installation or replace your existing downlights. The battery pack is neatly concealed in your ceiling and the downlight comes with an oversized optional trim ring to finish it off neatly.
The light is wired into your existing wiring and does not require the installation of a separate or additional wall switch.
“Great! Where can I get mine?”
You can order you very own Self-Charging Emergency LED downlight's by click on the “See More" button bellow.
We also have a full technical sales team available for any questions you may have on the product or installation.
A typical family sized home should consider having approximately 3 to 4 of these units installed in key areas throughout the house, to effectively illuminate the home during a power outage.