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Ceiling Fans

We offer a wide range of ceiling fans to keep you cool this summer. Keep your room cool during hot days with the right ceiling fan, without breaking the bank. Ceiling fans have been around for many decades and are still one of the most cost-effective ways of cooling your home. Even though ceiling fans rotate more slowly that other fans such as desk fans or extractor fans, their large rotating paddles help with cooling by bringing movement to the still, warm air present in a room.

Contrary to popular belief, most ceiling fans can help with both cooling and heating. If you want to cool a room, you should set the direction in which the ceiling fan rotates in a way that makes the air blow downwards. The air will blow downwards if your ceiling fan's paddles or wings are leading with the upturned side as they rotate. If your ceiling fan is rotating in the correct direction, you will feel the breeze as you stand underneath it.

Ceiling fans also help with heating. Sometimes, especially when it's cold, warm air stratifies in a room and moves closer to the ceiling while cooler air sits below in the living space. This makes it cooler near the floor of the room in winter. Ceiling fans are excellent at reducing that stratification by pushing the warm air down to the living space and pulling the cooler air towards the ceiling.

Since some ceiling fans have a mechanism for reversing the direction of the paddles, you can set your ceiling fan to turn in the opposite direction (paddles leading with the down-turned side). At low speeds, this makes the ceiling fan re-circulate warm air away from ceiling-level and down to the living space, which helps even out the temperature in the room.

Compared to air conditioners, ceiling fans are a lot more affordable, easier to operate and energy efficient. We also have some ceiling fans with lights, which can be a real energy saver if you couple them with the right LED light bulb.

A ceiling fan is simple, doesn't take up much space, and can easily compliment and enhance your existing home decor. Whether you're looking to install a ceiling fan indoors or on the outdoor of your home, we have more than enough options for you to choose from.

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